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BORN TO BE WILD!!! (Yeah baby.)

Because controlled movement was going to be my theme in class at Zen & Yoga this morning, I was thinking about nature, how it makes us move. As Buddhists say, we live in the natural world of desire and movement. … Continue reading

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Living in the past is overrated

It’s actually pretty doggoned amazing that we can recall stuff that happens, the “then moment,” with our minds. And I’m sure it’s also rather necessary for us to function in the present moment with full consciousness. However we can get … Continue reading

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So “I went down… to the demonstration…

to get my fair share of abuse…” (Rolling Stones). It seemed like something was happening and I haven’t spent much time down there. I do believe in this stuff, I think what our govt and business has done is so … Continue reading

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RiDICulous Classes This Week

So yeah, my last three classes have been lots of fun – Gentle Yoga on Sunday, Basic on Monday, and last night’s Yoga I. I always set my sights high, and of course they were not perfection according to my … Continue reading

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Start with the body, work inward

I recently finished Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, and I thought there was a lot of anecdotal and scientific information that can be applied to yoga and the teaching of yoga. One of the more fascinating stories was about studies done by … Continue reading

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Krishnamacharya photo revealed as clever forgery!

Good afternoon MrYogaTeacherMan fans! Well, you know how excited I was at the end of last month with the story coming out of Mysore that a brand new color picture of Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya (see post below for October 31) … Continue reading

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Five things

Five Things I Like About Yoga 1. Never feel like I’m wasting time when I’m doing yoga. 2. Yoga is’ like superior to everthing else in life. Like, if you’r not doing yoga, you’r totally, like, stupid. What ezactly do … Continue reading

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Yesterday I went to a Pilates class

Went to my first ever mat Pilates class at Yogaworks, a 1| 2, taught by Holly Jean Cosner. Five observations: 1. This was a no-nonsense, straight ahead, drill sargeant sort of class — one hour, no pit stops. 2. I … Continue reading

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Last night’s restorative

Last night’s restorative went very nicely, I thought. Five quick observations: 1. It was a fine crowd, friendly and receptive. 2. I wanted to improvise the warm-up section of “gentle yoga” and see how that went, and it went well. … Continue reading

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