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Updates — changing the blog; YTM; Keiko Fukada

The headline here today is that I’m trying to decide whether to basically let this blog go dormant, sleeping on a tree branch, or else transform it. Yoga Teacher Magazine is commanding more of my time, and we’re also in … Continue reading

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Up the updates!

So I haven’t been updating much, excuse number one that I’m working on the magazine with this sort of allocated time. Speaking of which, I believe I can say that we’re within a few weeks of launching, and it’s really … Continue reading

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Updates…. a fine weekend

This past weekend was fun in several ways. Saturday I taught a two hour yoga philosophy class for teacher training. Have I mentioned how much I love doing stuff like this? As you can imagine. Just me getting to run … Continue reading

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Karate and Ahimsa…The World Being What It Is

So how do we harmonize martial arts, so focused on violence, and the yoga concept of non-violence − ahimsa? There’s really no problem. A notion of incompatibility likely arises from a misunderstanding of martial arts. Over the years, I’ve pursued … Continue reading

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American Shaolin and Tapped Out

Okay, because I’m a slow and careful reader, I’ve spent plenty of time recently plowing through Matthew Polly’s two books, American Shaolin and Tapped Out. I came across the former in the library, I felt like reading a good story, … Continue reading

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Sequencing — my two cents

So I’ve been exchanging some emails on various yoga subjects with my cousin David and he recently posed some questions thus: “I’m trying to find an approach to sequencing postures. I did get the Yoga Bible, which is a great … Continue reading

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Vital silence, vital emptiness

My friend Al Cabal commented “Silence is vital” in reaction to the piece below. Which got me thinking, what is silence, exactly? A ridiculous question, admittedly. I think the most silent place I’ve been was our house in Ballyknock. It … Continue reading

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Checkin’ In

So, well, it’s my birthday, so that’s good. Another trip around, done. So speaking of me, which I can because it’s my birthday, yo…. I’ve been asked to teach two new classes at Zen and Yoga, Fridays — 6:30 pre-natal … Continue reading

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I brought my entire gi!

So this is one of the first (coherent) pictures taken with the new camera, taken by Helen. The backstory is that several times in the last couple of months, I’ve forgotten to bring some part of my karate outfit. Usually … Continue reading

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Kata, helicopters and bliss

Yesterday I started reading David Frawley’s Yoga and Ayurveda, and this evening I’ll be going to karate class. I woke up from convoluted dreams at a little past four and there was a helicopter or helicopters in the air over … Continue reading

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