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New Magazine Launched YAY

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT EVERYONE: my online magazine, YOGA TEACHER MAGAZINE, is up and running as of today! Please visit at We’ve been working on this since the summer, and I’m quite proud of it, I must confess! ENJOY!

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Yesterday’s post

I know I said I was going to post just about every day (no strict rules), then I missed yesterday. Well, I started on a post. This is how far I got: Because I was giving more thought to context … Continue reading

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Stripping it down

So I think for a while I’ll post some remarks pertaining to my favorite subjects more frequently, maybe even daily. Wife is away, so this is another project (I have a list magneted to the fridge door) devised with an … Continue reading

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Letting chance take the wheel

I’d just like to share something that I’ve found to be of value in my yoga practice recently. The other day I was reading parts of a book about Brian Eno called On Some Faraway Beach by David Sheppard. Eno … Continue reading

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Two classes last week (Part 2: Sherman)

Then last Saturday I took a Sherman Morris “Power Yoga” class. A few years ago I wrote a piece for Yoga & Health about men and yoga, and I interviewed Sherman as part of my researching. I’ll quote extensively here, … Continue reading

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Sequencing — my two cents

So I’ve been exchanging some emails on various yoga subjects with my cousin David and he recently posed some questions thus: “I’m trying to find an approach to sequencing postures. I did get the Yoga Bible, which is a great … Continue reading

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Yoga Teacher Ego, The Good, The Bad

My cousin and friend David Rubenstein recently asked me how I practice yoga: “I’ve always wondered what classes yoga teachers go to. Do you practice mostly at home? How much of your practice is about you, and how much is … Continue reading

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Yoga Teacher Guy Goes Prenatal: elephant journal post

New article! In elephantjournal! About being a guy and teaching prenatal. Please do visit this link.

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Music, no music; Monday class

Recently I began to examine my perspective regarding playing music in my yoga classes. It’s a bit complex, of course. First, I was thinking about what I intend in my classes, what I want to do for the students. And … Continue reading

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Yoga Journal Conference NYC

So I’ve been pretty busy since the conference and haven’t had a chance to sit down and write about it. Mostly because whenever my mind has turned to yoga I’ve wanted to just practice and rehearse and integrate what I … Continue reading

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